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We specialize in 4x4 compact diesel tractors, loaders, backhoes, and implements.

Thank you for inquiring about our tractor and equipment packages. Hobby Horse Ranch Tractor and Equipment Wholesale Company Inc., has been in business for eighteen years serving weekend farmers and landscapers of Idaho, Northern California, Nevada, Utah and the Pacific Northwest. Please take a moment to browse through our brochure. When you find the tractor of your choice, give us a call at our office (208) 324-5858. If you don't see the tractor you want, keep in mind our inventory changes weekly. We have payment plans available. We also accept Visa or Mastercard. The equipment can be held for you "off market" with a deposit. Call us and we'll turn your dreams into a reality!

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If you buy a tractor and equipment elsewhere, you're paying too much.

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To place an order, or if you would like more information, give us a call at
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